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The Families Buried at AHCC

Below is a list of the names of those buried in Cottage Cemetery. The number after each name corresponds to the map at on this page below.

For some more information on the families, see our Biographical Sketches Page

Adams, John S. 46
Adams, Sarah Eve 46

Bones, John 48
Bones, Maria FitzSimons Eve 47
Bones, Mary Brown 49

Campbell, Arthur; son of Annie Laurie Long & Arthur Campbell 102 A
Campbell, Catharine Eve Watkins 94
Campbell, James C. 73
Campbell, Mary R. 72
Campbell, Robert 95
Campbell, Robert Joseph (child); of James C. & Mary R. Campbell 74

Carmichael, Aphra L. 101
Carmichael, Anderson W. 51
Carmichael, Edgar Adams 53
Carmichael, Eliza Isabell 10
Carmichael, Elizabeth Eve Longstreet 52
Carmichael, Henri Augusta (child); of John C. & Henrietta Carmichael 70
Carmichael, John Edgar (infant); of John C. & Henrietta Carmichael 71
Carmichael, J. Randolph 54
Carmichael, John 6
Carmichael, John Adams (infant); of John & Mary E. Carmichael 29
Carmichael, John E. 69
Carmichael, Louisa Smith; wife of Robert D. Carmichael 11
Carmichael, Mary Eve; wife of John Carmichael 5
Carmichael, Oswell Eve 7
Carmichael, Paul Eve 35
Carmichael, Robert (infant); of Paul Eve & Sarah Carmichael 36
Carmichael, Robert D. 12
Carmichael, Sarah Stiles 34
Carmichael, W. S. 13

Couper, Butler King (Jr.) 78 B
Couper, Butler King (Sr.) 78
Couper, Josephine Sibley 78 A

Cunningham, Charles; son of Gen. Robert & Margaret Cunningham 23
Cunningham, Charles (Jr.) 16
Cunningham, Ann P. Eve; wife of Charles Cunningham 22
Cunningham, Anna W. 17
Cunningham, John Brownlee (child) 23
Cunningham, Robert E. 4
Cunningham, Sallie (child) 14
Cunningham, Willie (child) 15

Dow, William Ross (child); of John R. & Catherine E. Dow 79

Edgar, Anna 9
Edgar, John 8

Eve, Aphra Ann (Pritchard) 44
Eve, Aphra Watkins (infant); of Oswell & Aphra Ann Eve 27
Eve, Catherine Watkins (infant); of Joseph C. & Jane Eve 81
Eve, Edward Armstrong 89
Eve, Edward Joseph 87
Eve, Elizabeth 45
Eve, Francis W. 75
Eve, Frank (child) 91
Eve, Hannah 77
Eve, Henry Campbell (child) 90
Eve, Joseph 76
Eve, Joseph C.; son of William & Mary Eve, Nassau N.P. 82
Eve, Louisa Matilda (child); of Joseph C. & Jane Eve 80
Eve, Margaret Henrietta 85
Eve, Maria Louisa 86
Eve, Mary Augusta 84
Eve, Oswell, Captain 43
Eve, Oswell (child); of John P. & Sarah D. Eve 31
Eve, Paul FitzSimons Moved to Magnolia Cemetery
Eve, Sarah Jane Raiford 88
Eve, Sarah Louisa Twiggs Moved to Magnolia Cemetery
Eve, William O. 83

FitzSimons, Anna Hampton (child); of Paul & Ellen FitzSimons 58
FitzSimons, C. Hampton 67
FitzSimons, Catherine (Pritchard) 41
FitzSimons, Christopher, Esq. 42
FitzSimons, Christopher, Jun. 4
FitzSimons, Edward Fisher (infant); of Paul & Ellen FitzSimons 57
FitzSimons, Ellen 38
FitzSimons, George Okeeffe (child), of Paul & Ellen FitzSimons 55
FitzSimons, Hampton (child); of Paul & Ellen FitzSimons 56
FitzSimons, John Adams (infant);of Christopher & Catherine
      FitzSimons 25
FitzSimons, J. Bones (child) 66
FitzSimons, Maria Adams (infant);of Christopher & Catherine
      FitzSimons 26
FitzSimons, Marie (child) 65
FitzSimons, Mary B. 68
FitzSimons, O. P. 68
FitzSimons, Owen (child); of Christopher & Catherine FitzSimons 24
FitzSimons, P. Alston (infant) 64
FitzSimons, Paul (Colonel) 39

Ketchum, Aphra Longstreet 100

Leitner, Florence Carmichael 104

Long, Henrietta Witsell 102

Longstreet, Anderson Paul 96
Longstreet, Gaston (infant); of Gilbert & Martha Henrietta Eve
      Longstreet 61
Longstreet, Gilbert (child); of Gilbert & Martha Henrietta Eve
      Longstreet 59
Longstreet, Gilbert (Sr.); monument to; interred in Texas 59A
Longstreet, Hannah Bones 99
Longstreet, Laura Ayer 98
Longstreet, Maria Bones (infant) 62
Longstreet, Martha Henrietta Eve 62
Longstreet, Mary Carmichael 97
Longstreet, Sarah Adams (infant); of Gilbert & Martha Henrietta Eve
     Longstreet 60

No Surname , George Ringland (infant) 30
No Surname , Thomas (infant) 28

Schley, Emma (infant) 2
Schley, Robert E. (infant) 3
Schley, Margaret Elizabeth Cunningham; wife of George Schley 1
Sibley, Emma Eve Longstreet 63

Smith, Ada B. (child) 93
Smith, Emma C. Eve; wife of William H. Smith 18
Smith, Joseph B. (infant) 93
Smith, Leonidas Watkins (infant); of William & Harriett Smith 21
Smith, M. Susan 93
Smith, William H. 19
Smith, William Wyberg, and 4 other infants of Wm. & Emma Smith 20

Stiles, Paul 103

Unidentified ; box grave (child); no marker 32
Unidentified ; brick enclosure; no marker 33
Unidentified ; brick cradle, (adult) 50

Whitehead, Catherine E. FitzSimons 37
Williams, Sara A. Carmichael 92


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