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Biographical Sketches
“Augusta’s Historic Cottage Cemetery, Inc”

Oswell Eve, Jr 1754-1829: A marble plaque in First Presbyterian Church, Augusta reads: Oswell Eve, a Ruling Founding Elder. He is described a citizen esteemed for his courteous manner, his pure example, his incorruptible integrity and zeal for public good. “The Cottage” was built as a summer home for (sea) Captain Oswell Eve, Jr. In 1800 the cemetery was laid off nearby.

Aphra Ann Pritchard Eve 1765-1821: Is sister of Catherine Pritchard FitzSimons and bore Oswell Eve Jr.14 children, who were contributors to the fabric of Augusta, and a larger community.

John Carmichael 1774-1847: Married Mary Elizabeth Eve, daughter of Oswell and Aphra Ann Eve. He was born in Ireland and settled in Augusta where his leadership is evident: He became a wealthy merchant and served on the original Board of Directors of Augusta’s first bank. (History by Edward Cashin)

Dr. Paul FitzSimons Eve 1799-1877: Is son of Aphra Ann and Oswell. He was internationally known as a physician and surgeon. A memorial marker to Dr. Eve stands on Greene Street in downtown Augusta. He was elected president of the AMA in 1857.

Dr. Joseph Eve 1760-1835: Married Hannah Singletary. He and was a scientist, inventor and poet. He is brother to Capt.Oswell Eve. In his 20s he invented a machine to separate seed from cotton. Many scientific and literary accomplishments are associated with his life. Among his friends were Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Benjamin Rush.

Dr Joseph Adams Eve: Is son of Joseph and Hannah is credited with co-founding the Medical College of Georgia in 1832, along with Milton Anthony.

Dr. Edward Armstrong Eve 1807-1877: Is son of Hannah and Joseph was also an outstanding physician and one of five members of the first graduating class of MCG in 1833. He and his wife Sarah Jane 1818-1897 were parents to poet and author Maria Louisa Eve.

Maria Louisa Eve 1842-1900: Published many poems. One is included below. In 1866 she was awarded a prize of $100.00 for an article written expressing gratitude for northern aid during an epidemic of yellow fever in the south.

Longstreet Relatives: In Cottage Cemetery there are 21 relatives of Gen. James Longstreet, including nine first cousins. It is through one of these Longstreet first cousins that kinship can be claimed to the 44th President of the United States of America: Barack Hussein Obama.

William S. Carmichael 1846-1914: While a cadet at Virginia Military Institute he fought in historic Battle New Market during the Civil War. VMI local alumni worked for at least 2 years to uncover the vandalized and neglected Cottage Cemetery, and William’s grave stone. This effort by VMI prompted a group of cousins to come together to form AHCC.

Christopher FitzSimons 1762-1825: Married Catherine Pritchard of Charleston, sister of Aphra Ann Pritchard Eve. He was a planter and a merchant, who owned Silver Bluff Plantation and Old Town Plantation. They are parents of Mrs (Gov.) James Henry Hammond, by daughter Catherine’s marriage. They are grandparents of SC Gov. Wade Hampton III by the marriage of daughter Ann FitzSimons to Col.Wade Hampton, Jr. Christopher and Catherine gave Goodale (Inn) House as dowry when daughter Ann married Col. Hampton.

Gilbert Longstreet 1783-1851: Married Martha Henrietta Eve, 1792-1833, daughter of Aphra Ann and Oswell Eve. Gilbert was son of William and Hannah FitzRandolph Longstreet and brother of Augustus Baldwin Longstreet. After Martha Henrietta’s death Gilbert migrated to Texas where he served during the Texas Revolution. He is listed as prestigious, “Sons of the Republic of Texas”.

Emma Eve Longstreet Sibley 1826-1898: Her parents were Gilbert and Henrietta Eve Longstreet. She married Josiah Sibley: 1808-1888; his namesake, Sibley Mill, operated in Augusta for 124 years, and is now a National Historic Landmark. Emma was born and is buried at “The Cottage Place” (cemetery).

Josephine Sibley Couper 1867-1957: Is daughter of Emma Eve Longstreet and Josiah Sibley. Jo, as she preferred to be called, became a widely acclaimed Southern Artist. Her work, although known internationally, is part of the collection at the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, GA, where she is buried, at Cottage Cemetery.

Robert Campbell 1787-1873: Married Catherine Eve Watkins 1787-1869, widow of Dr. Anderson Watkins. Robert’s obituary in The Augusta Chronicle states: “our venerable fellow-citizen” and “highly esteemed and respected, but loathed ostentation”. He was VP of the Liberation Colonization Society, was an abolitionist and worked for the best interest of African Americans at every turn.

Emma Eve Smith 1798-1882: Is daughter of Oswell and Aphra Ann Eve wrote an account of her life with this family, “Our Family History”. It provides a glimpse into her world during the 18th and 19th Centuries. Sentences appear as the following:“Father always loved the Indians, a company of Cherokees used to visit us every summer, and he would provide a house for them.”

John Bones: 1792-1870: First married Maria FitzSimons Eve, daughter of Oswell and Aphra Ann Eve. Following Maria’s death he married Mary Brown Bones, daughter of Rev. James Brown. All three are buried in Cottage Cemetery. John Bones was an industrialist and played a major role in development of railroads in this area.

Dr. Henry F. Campbell : Graduated from MCG in 1842, and became part of the faculty. He co-founded the Jackson Street Hospital and Surgical Infirmary in Augusta. Dr. Campbell served as President of AMA in 1885. Buried in Cottage Cemetery are Dr Campbell’s parents Mary Roma Eve and James Colgan Campbell, and grandparents Hannah and Joseph Eve.

Owen Paul FitzSimons 1826-1909: Married Mary Elizabeth Baynard of Edisto Island, SC. Following graduation from UVA, he became an Episcopal Clergyman, serving churches in Alabama. He also served as Captain and Chaplain during the Spanish American War in the 1st Alabama Infantry Regiment, and later attained rank of Major under General Louis Clark in the Alabama National Guard.

Emma Eve Smith Memoir

“Beauty” …. To me the deepest pathos dwells
Where beauty wears its’ smile supreme.
It tantalizes like a dream
But never unto mortal man
It’s secret tells. Maria Louisa Eve

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